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You aren't missing out on anything but not working for them either.

What they are not telling you is at BEST if you were to never sleep and answer every message on the system the most you could possibly make is about .04 cents per message which at the end of the month is MAYBE 200.00 they will tell you there are people making a whopping 600.00 per month but that is BS, I have yet to speak to anyone who makes that type of money.

Talk121 is a singles chat line service offered to forty five major cities of the United States.

If you take a liking to each other, you can initiate further steps, for example meeting up for real.

The company also doesn't want to hire anyone who has another job, because that means they cannot work you to the bone for free.

Everybody needs a friendly person to talk to from time to time.

However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.

First off, many of the "customers" of Text121 have no idea how they are receiving messages - they customers are often rude and upset that they are getting messages from the service. Second they company will not pay you, it doesn't matter if you send 2000 or 2000000 messages in the month don't look for any type of a check.

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