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Rebounding, jumping from one relationship to the next, usually produces less than satisfactory results.Among them are: I’ve definitely been guilty of this type of insanity.But if you feel despondent every single time a person you shared some witty banter with disappears into the Internet ether, it could be a sign that online dating is doing you more harm than good.

OK, so maybe the high of adopting such a technologically advanced way of finding love sticks around for a little longer than that. That's why if you're looking for someone, online dating is a strategic, smart move, not something to be ashamed of.

But getting invested in each potential match will only wind up hurting you in the end.

That's why an online-dating breather can be exactly what you need to remember that even though it's natural to want a relationship, you are 100 percent enough on your own.

Avoid the damage and drama of rebound relationships by taking time off to find out what you want.

When It’s Time To Take A Break From Dating: Sometimes we go from one relationship to the next without taking a break.

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