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For a show focused so prominently death (it's right there in the title, after all), "The Walking Dead" does have a knack for sowing seeds of happiness.

Whether or not all those seeds actually blossom is another matter, but for a few brief moments every season, all seems well.

Children run past, gleefully clutching their Tupperware, as housewives smile in surprise and appreciation.

Carol even gets some flirting in with Tobin, making the line "I foraged a lot of acorns" sound sexier than it has any right to be.

I woke up on a recent Saturday morning (uhm, well, ) in a funk: I’m underemployed, I’m single (again), and I have a general sense that I can’t accomplish a damn thing, even when I put my mind to it.

Which is why I decided at the spur of the moment to make a Coke cake. For for the recipe, and apologies to Emily Gould for the food-blogger’s shtick).

Basically, I love Coke: It’s my soft drink of choice.

I’ll drink a can in the morning while the rest of you “normal people” drink a cup of coffee (or, you know, something nutritious like with Coke in my senior year in college, I decided that it would be my signature dessert.

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Meanwhile, regular Manhattan inhabitants, headstrong waitress Virginia Lewis and her oafish father Tony encounter the mishaps caused by the new magical arrivals to the city; including Wolf falling helplessly in love with Virginia and Tony being given six wishes (which he foolishly uses for personal gain and have a tendency to backfire). The Oakwood Legacy was first introduced to fewer than twenty-four students and four teachers in 1896. Oakwood What would Oakwood College be without its students? What purpose would classrooms serve if there were no students? This with exception of my pre-teen years, when my acts of rebellion were calling my father by his first name, asking for a Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket for Christmas (our proximity to Washington, DC meant that everyone was to be a Redskins fan), and drinking Crystal Pepsi whenever I had the chance. By Tyler Coates My father worked for the Coca-Cola bottling plant in my hometown, so we were strictly a Coca-Cola family.

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