Adults intimidating children

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While counting may appear to be a magic form of discipline, there is no magic in threats.

Children know that adults are bigger and more powerful than they are. If the only way we can get children to do what we ask is by intimidating them with our greater physical size and power, how will we get them to do as we ask when we are no longer bigger and stronger?

But it is in those moments that our honest candor is important.

If we want to have healthy relationships with our children — and if we want them to come to us with the tough questions and the scary situations and the healthy curiosities — then we have to be honest with our children about these eight things, because sometimes, even a little white lie can hurt.

One of the big issues in schools today is "bullying." Parents and teachers struggle daily with how to stop this behavior.

Without realizing it, adults teach bullying behavior to children by modeling it when they use the threat of their physical size or power to make children do things. two" at a young child, I always wonder what the child has been told will happen if the parent gets to three.

However, there are plenty of things you should never lie to your child about, too.

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But in today's anti-bullying climate not all children are keeping it to themselves - although it is not always doing them much good. But when it happens the victims who speak out can find themselves treated with hostility and disbelief. She said, `the teacher was so mean today, she was pulling Luke, and dragging him, and he fell down on the floor.' During that evening a few other people phoned me because they'd heard something had gone on." Luke's school had already contacted Pat and her husband, Ian, several times about the child's behaviour. Children who find themselves victims of adults who should be guiding them are often not believed, and parents find complaints met by closed ranks.By Caroline Willcocks Pat isn't normally an angry person.Conversations, stories, and assignments often focus on simple concepts such as what they did that day or what their favorite pet is.Even with slightly older students, the material you are teaching is pretty straight-forward.

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