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Teresa then told producers, who wanted Penny to bring it up on camera,” says the insider.“But Penny held back out of respect for the Manzo family.“That’s the real reason she left the show.” So who is Jill?“Jill is Al’s longtime mistress,” the source reveals. Though the entire exchange took place on camera, the dramatic fight was completely edited out of the scene." (I picture Teresa Giudice counting on her fingers and looking confused.) Over at Teresa's, Gia and Milania are helping create Antonia's birthday card while Gabriella is Windexing a table. She's the most well-behaved and thus the least-seen of all the Giudice kids. When Joe Giudice -- shirtless, of course -- tells Teresa he doesn't want to go to Antonia's party, Milania the Terrible says, "You are so mean, you big poop." Teresa ineffectually protests and then simply walks away. Seems her beauty bar at Chateau Salon didn't work out, so she and her mother are going into business together to run a standalone beauty boutique. It is pretty awful, but apparently they stuck with it.

In season five, no longer on the show…or with her former beau…she made an even bigger statement in the form of a very talked about blue dress.

A beautiful, athletic white girl dates a philandering black guy, then is surprised when he cheats on her.

My estimation of Lindsay Vonn went "downhill" rapidly when I learned she was schtupping Tiger's Wood.

💙 Jesse Phoenix Teilo ~ Rafferty Elijah ~ Casey Phoenix Elijah ~ Tierney Daxton Ford ~ Phoenix Kylo Thane ~ Jameson Khyber Hawke~ Daxon Roscoe Duke.

Interesting tho x Future names-- 💜Marnie Lynn Isabeau ~ Peyton Elisse ~ Kiyomi Inez Margaux~ Aida/Iyeeda Faun ~ Chyler Maud ~ Evalee Tasya ~ Westlyn Grace~ Oaklyn Clary Cate.

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