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Her mother Nina Steel, 37, from Accrington, Lancashire, said: "We were taking Josh because we thought that as a 15-year-old lad it would be more appropriate for him to get on and progress his career.

She also revealed that Hollie had been reluctant to go back after her illness prevented her from rehearsing.

He never had kids of his own, though he always wanted to, and he loved hearing about Hollie's son Joshua.

The pair started dating and eventually moved in together.

magazine: ‘Josh can be a bit of a bad boy and a loose cannon.

He’s been on lots of big nights out with Jack and has already been splashed across the papers larking about in women’s underwear.

"She was in hospital for three months and there were moments when it was life and death.

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After they were done with treatments for the day, Adam would head back to work, where he'd often send Hollie emails saying that their time together was the best part of his day.Hollie’s parents, Nina and Jason, confessed their daughter’s audition was an afterthought and revealed she nearly didn’t perform at all.‘We were taking Josh because we thought it would be more appropriate for him to get on and progress his career as a 15-year-old lad than a 10-year-old girl,’ Mrs Steel, a 37-year-old NHS audiologist, told the Mail.‘We weren’t really thinking about a career for Hollie at 10, but when she auditioned I could see the judges were a bit taken aback.’Mrs Steel said Joshua, 15, had asked if he could try out for the talent show.When they agreed to let him take part, they decided it would only be fair to let his younger sister sing as well.Soon their flirty friendship turned into something more.Adam made it clear he was interested in a serious relationship with her.

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