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In this paper, we will discuss the different underlying ethical principles of assent.

However, although many emphasize the importance of assent, few explain how they understand the concept and few have elaborated on the underlying grounds.

The California Court of Appeal ruled that an automobile dealership that translated a sales contract into Spanish, but neglected to include the arbitration clause in the translated agreement, could not enforce the arbitration agreement.

Although the case involved a commercial transaction, it has important implications for employers who use arbitration agreements with employees whose primary language is other than English.

Superior court Judge Scott Gordon issued a 100-page ruling Tuesday that invalidates the marital property agreements the Mc Courts signed in 2004 when they bought the Dodgers and moved to California.

The conflicting documents — one version said the Dodgers were Frank's sole property, another version said they were not his sole property — were at the heart of the 11-day trial featuring some of the nation's top — and costly — trial lawyers."There was no mutual assent or meeting of the minds between (Jamie) and (Frank) when they executed the agreement," Gordon wrote.

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