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The capital had the most amount of people become victim to fake loan scams, social media or email hacking, ticket fraud and door-to-door scammers.Over the last two years there was also a 134 per cent increase in Londoners falling for regular payment fraud – which is where scammers pretend to be a company the victim may pay regularly like an energy or mobile phone company.Cherished Military Vehicle Insurance can provide cover to suit the needs of todays ex-military vehicle enthusiast, with a range of benefits. Centenarian Swiss Ammunition Trailer Swiss ammunition trolleys from 1916-1943. 1 ton Brockhouse trailer , with military history dating from 1966.Click More Info for full details Penman, Ifor Williams, Sankey, GKN, King, Reynolds Boughton, Tecalemit plus plant trailers. Original evidenced name plate data Production and serial number shown on one of the pictures. All original fittings , body free from major damage , floor sound.

Cherished Vehicle Insurance understands the passion that military vehicle owners & collectors have for their vehicles, which is why for 2016 we have enhanced our products.As a result they are highly sought after even second, third or fourth hand! “However, as usual, condition plays a big role in the value and the Rolex we have been instructed to sell is in superb condition having hardly been worn.” As a brand Rolex is present at the most prestigious sporting events including Wimbledon and Formula 1 along with many others such as golf, sailing and equestrian events, making it one of the most desirable watches to own and wear.The gold and stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust going under the Charterhouse hammer looks like new despite being 15 years old.While online dating may have made meeting people easier, it has also paved the way for fraudsters.Often the scammers create fake profiles and pretend to be a love interests before gaining their victim's trust so they reveal personal information which they can then use to steal from them.

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