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Best friends Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are marijuana growers in Laguna Beach, California.

Chon, a former Navy SEAL, smuggled the seeds for the plants out of Afghanistan.

Bigas Luna, the director of Lulu, was sufficiently impressed to give him the leading male role in his next film, Jamón Jamón in 1992, in which Bardem played a would-be underwear model and bullfighter.

The film, which also starred a teenaged Penélope Cruz, was a major international success.

Although Chon and Ben offer to hand over their network and get out of the business, the cartel wants their expertise and insists on a partnership.

But for Blunt, Stern had even more uncomfortable questions in store for their interview -- though she was surprisingly forthcoming when asked about whether an actor had ever become aroused while filming a love scene with her. "I think it's just better to laugh about it." Though she wouldn't name names, Blunt did say that her co-star wasn't famous. We laughed about it, because I don't want him to be embarrassed.

"I think the reaction was, we were filming and they shouted, 'Cut,' and I went, 'Oop! I think that would be unfair if I was like, 'Oh my God!

actress did have kind words for her former flame, telling Stern that the pair "had a good time" and that she still loves his family.

"I never want to talk about it," she said of the relationship before eventually declaring: "I can't do it." Buble has been open about his relationship missteps in the past, telling Canadian entertainment show, , earlier this year, "I was a jerk and I was careless and reckless with the hearts of women I was with." WATCH: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Are Looking Forward to More Kids, but When?

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