Beth phoenix dating cody

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In July, during a storyline where he was supposed to act afraid of The Boogeyman, but instead laughed, Carelli was shouted at and slapped by Jim Cornette, OVW's head booker and co-owner.

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After unsuccessfully persuading her to decline it, Marella tried to sabotage the cover unveiling (an in-ring segment of Raw), causing Maria to dump him.

But we didn't date when we were there." Why she left the business: "I left wrestling to spend more time at home with family.

I didn't get to see my parents and brother while I was working, just quick visits living out of a suitcase.

After the Beth dies while giving birth, Jeff overdoses and kills himself, sending him into an alternate afterlife for those who have killed themselves. And when the title falls into the hands of the biggest jerk in the WWE, she's forced to work with him. The only problem is that she just turned sixteen years old. Eventual Paulx Stephx Jericho“Jeff, I seriously hate you! ” she yelled, rolling off the couch and onto the floor with a loud smack.

Along the way, he meets old friends who have suffered the same fate. “Ow…” How does it feel to not have me there to pick you up? She and her two ladies in waiting get transported into the bodies of modern day WWE Divas.

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