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The Motown legend, who is worth an estimated 0million, shares adopted US reality star Nicole, 34, with his first wife and college girlfriend Brenda Harvey.

He also has two other children - Miles, 21, and Sofia, 17 - from his second marriage to Diana Alexander, which lasted for seven years.

uk has contacted reps for Lionel Ritchie for comment.

The Hello singer previously claimed that having kids now would probably "kill" him, but it seems that he could be adding to his brood with Swiss-Chinese former model Lisa Parigi, who is in her thirties.

After bringing up the topic to gasps from the audience, Wendy said: ‘What do you do when you date an older man?

He needs to give you a baby if want to stay together. ’ Despite the strong opinions, she finished off saying: ‘Lionel, I think it’s great if you give your beautiful girlfriend Lisa a baby.’ Lionel currently has three kids; Sofia and Miles from his marriage to Diane Alexander, and reality star Nicole Richie who he legally adopted when she was nine-years-old during his first marriage to college sweetheart, Brenda Harvey.

The problem is, is that Lionel will be in his eighties when the baby graduates from high school. ‘I feel like when you’re in your eighties and your kids graduate from high school, you’re really doing them a disservice though. The beloved Motown singer recently revealed how he’s planning to have more kids with Lisa, telling The Mirror: ‘I’m willing to become a father again.

‘I might have just let a secret slip there, but so be it – Lisa and I are cool with the idea of children.’ Lionel Richie is currently touring across Europe, with upcoming shows in Italy, Germany and Sweden.

She also made sure to point out particular monthly expenses that Lionel, 54, needs to cover: clothing, shoes, and accessories (,000); dermatology (00); laser hair removal (00); massages (0); jewelry (00); gifts (00); and vitamins (0).

Outspoken US TV host Wendy Williams has said Lionel Richie’s plans to have another baby at the age of 67 is ‘not fair’ on the child.

Speaking on her show on Friday, Williams made it pretty clear she wasn’t a fan of his decision to have more kids with his girlfriend Lisa Parigi, despite being a fan of the singer who she described as the ‘original cat daddy’.

It is almost as if she could turn her feelings on and off at will; Brenda should be careful not to leave the switch "off" too often, for she could easily become too impersonal.

Family relationships and attachments are not as important to her as they are to most people and Harvey often considers her friends closer to her than her blood relatives.

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