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Run Worker Async) Are you sure that transfered files are the same? Seek seems off to me; it returns to 0 offset after the first pass and rereads first packet Size of data in second pass. The only reason file transfer works is because it is read and sent in one packet.

As a quick assistance, try some of this information from this site.

As a side note, most editions of Windows Vista/ 7 ship with the Aero theme.

On clients using the Aero theme, there exists a small lag between the actual value and what is displayed in the Win Forms Progress Bar control.

im making file transfer (Server-Client) TCP i've already looked for same questions like this one .. Progress Bar doesn't update with backgroundworker .. the progressbar goes to 100% The file sent succesfully the send method code works fine... I have several code examples that I can share but they would take up far too much space here on this site.

the form lags while sending and after the file sent.. I don't think you need to Seek anyway because file reader will remain at first position after last read byte. Length]; write data = new byte[packet Size]; and remove fs. I am a newbie here so i don't really know but I think you should not delete questions as other people may learn from your mistakes ;-) And be sure to remove fs. The background worker is dorking around on a new thread, therefore, calling anything back to the original form and its controls (or original thread) will require some delegation to accomplish what you desire.

Consider the code below for a simple form with a progress bar, a button, and BGW is a Background Worker with Modifiers = Public.

This works but if I change bln Run In Module to true it doesnt update. Crossing threads, I suspect, although I'm a little surprised you're not raising an exception.

Usually this is not an issue, but if you have an event that is supposed to be triggered on completion of a process, then this discrepancy can cause bugs/ confusion for users.

The quick-and-dirty approach is to just do all of your work in a button’s Click event handler and not worry about the user interface.

The problem with this is that the GUI will freeze up while the application does whatever work it needs to do.

I think it's something very small, but I can't find it. private void Start(object sender, Routed Event Args e) Background Worker bg = sender as Background Worker; File Info fi = new File Info(@"File"); length = fi.

Length; int percent; using (Stream Reader sr = new Stream Reader(@"File", System.

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