Cancer woman dating cancer woman

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If you are willing and ready to settle down, she will be the type of woman who will build a home with you, make you home cooked meals, and care for your children.

She is the one you can depend on, who will be there beside you and remain true no matter what.

However, Virgo man Cancer woman compatibility doesn’t seem to mind these differences of approach; in fact, this couple tend to flourish together because they enjoy the best of both worlds, the head and the heart.

All she would need from a partner is simply honesty, loyalty, and security.

He's Uranian (ruler), a spontaneous guy with erratic moods.

He's future man, always scanning the horizon for the next new thing.

The extreme challenges in this match show up early and only deepen.

The constant feels of Cancer turn dark, if Aquarius man is true to his nature, and a bit of a loner. The Aquarius man goes out with a fixed idea of the destination, or wants to act on the fly.

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