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W, Ward had made the loan and had retained the sum of 5 as commission over and above the legal rate of interest, and that there is evidence in the record substantiating that claim. Ward notes in the sum of ,250 secured by a trust deed. 5 Defendants APPEAL FROM SUPERIOR COURT COOK COUNTY. It is the theory of the defendant that the mortgage in question and the notes which it secured were tainted with usury, inasmuch as C.

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Please enter your 2-step code in order to login.[You get this code from the "Google Authenticator" App from your phone.]Note: You will not need to enter this for another 15 days on this device.Here is a list of buttons, and what they do: Also, if you scroll down under the chat box, you can access whatever the Main Owner(s) of the chat want you to see.They can put music, a chart, or even the chat rules down in those spaces. You have to purchase two forms of currency: xats (the "money"), and days (which allow you to use xats).Unless you spend every single month, you won't be able to use what you've purchased, making it a complete waste.

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