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This is not to say there are some certifiable lunatics out there, but the odds are pretty slim that someone will do anything more than turn away or say “don’t take my picture.” What do you do if there is a picture you would like to take, but the person does not want to allow it?Ask yourself these questions: When a photographer says to me that they have trouble shooting strangers, the first thing I look at is how they interact with other people.

Each day I get on the train to make the half hour voyage into San Francisco for work, I am surrounded by people using their phones.Many have i Phones or i Pads, and have a setting turned on that lets me send them unsolicited files through Air Drop.Where Apple envisioned it as a way to send useful files and websites to friends and acquaintances, I use it to send photos of sloths to strangers. It has never been easier to get penpals from the whole world. The only personal details seen by others are your alias and country origin.* Fun!

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