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The article also discusses the periodic law and the tabular arrangement of the elements based on it.For detailed information about the compounds of the elements, At present there are 118 known chemical elements.This article considers the origin of the elements and their abundances throughout the universe.The geochemical distribution of these elementary substances in the crust and interior is treated in some detail, as is their occurrence in the hydrosphere and atmosphere.Chemical substances have names, just like people have names. The following are some guidelines for naming compounds: When numbers are written as “subscripts” in compounds (i.e.they are written below and to the right of the element symbol), this tells us how many atoms of that element there are in relation to other elements in the compound.The gaseous elements hydrogen and oxygen, for example, with quite different properties, can combine to form the compound , which has altogether different properties from either oxygen or hydrogen.Water clearly is not an element because it consists of, and actually can be decomposed chemically into, the two substances hydrogen and oxygen; these two substances, however, are elements because they cannot be decomposed into simpler substances by any known chemical process.

Molecules of fullerene take the form of spheroidal closed cages containing various numbers of carbon atoms and long hollow cylinders (the latter being known as nanotubes).For example in nitrogen dioxide () there are two oxygen atoms for every one atom of nitrogen.Later, when we start looking at chemical equations, you will notice that sometimes there are numbers before the compound name.One cannot even conceive of how such a task could be accomplished with mankind's limited ability, and that is for something we can see (e.g.grasshoppers), let alone what is invisible to the naked eye (e.g. No consistent amount of C14 has ever been calculated in the atmosphere, nor is it possible for mankind to do such a thing without having a device that, at minimum, spanned the circumference of the atmosphere.

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