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She does go to the region for her own business, but always at times when he is not there.

Not one of the numerous Middle East correspondents we spoke to remembered seeing the Blairs together in recent times.

After two years she got the starring role in Roswell and was working steadily, but while shooting Life Unexpected in 2010, Appleby started to work towards a psychology degree from the online University of Phoenix.

It took her 14 years—from start to finish, with a large chunk of time spent working, to complete the degree, which she did in 2012.

Neighbours at their grand London home in Connaught Square, Bayswater, report the same thing.

Cherie is seen a lot, wandering about the huge house, going to the odd community event and looking depressed.

"At the age of 49," her creator tells us, "Leonie Vallon, called Lea de Lonval, was nearing the end of a successful career as a richly kept courtesan." Lea is good with money – shrewd speculation on the stock market has turned her courtesan's earnings into a useful fortune, more than enough to indulge the discreetly voluptuous tastes of sensual middle age: "Order, fine linen, wines in their prime and carefully planned meals at home…" There is another, less discreet, middle-aged indulgence: her lover, Cheri, the 24-year-old son of Lea's rival courtesan and friend, Charlotte Peloux.

When the novel opens, the liaison has lasted for six years.

She had recurring roles on both the NBC drama series Chicago Fire and the HBO comedy-drama series Girls.

Her film credits include A Time for Dancing (2002), where she played a main role as Sam Russel; Swimfan (2002); Havoc (2005) with Anne Hathaway; and Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

In 2008, Appleby joined the cast of the final season of ER, playing an intern named Daria Wade, before starring as Cate Cassidy in the CW drama Life Unexpected that ran for two seasons.

Appleby began her acting career at the age of four, starting with advertisements for various products such as Cheerios and M&M's. (1989), ER (1994), Baywatch (1989), Xena: Warrior Princess (1995), 7th Heaven (1997), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), before landing her break-out role in the series Roswell (1999–2002), where she tried out for the roles of Isabel and Maria before landing the leading role of Liz Parker.

She started acting and taking acting classes because her parents were concerned that she was so shy and introverted. In 2006, she had a recurring role on the short-lived ABC drama Six Degrees as Anya, a young assistant in a relationship with a much older photographer.

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