Consolidating 3 naps to 2

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Though Hailey usually struggled with both, sometimes she would snooze solidly in the morning, then fight the afternoon with all her might.

If we were on a long trip (4 hours), Hailey usually slept for a bit at her normal nap time; otherwise she stayed awake just fine.

consolidating 3 naps to 2-66

I’m still in the mode of following her cues for the most part, which generally means eating every 3-4 hours during the day, and one feeding in the middle of the night (so…5-6 hours between feedings at one point).You may have reached a point where your baby is finally napping well in the day or sleeping well at night (or both! Your baby is fighting you to go to bed or they start waking overnight or they start waking at 5 AM! If you can rule out causes like over or under tiredness, hunger, room conditions or sickness and your baby is in the age brackets specified further down this article, you are left with the likelihood that it might be time to drop a nap.Key things you need to look out for (over the course of several days in a row) are: In our work with over 10,000 babies, we've found there are specific ages nap transitions generally occur: By around 3 months your baby will hopefully have consolidated their day sleeps into 3 quite regular naps.Another reason a short nap might happen is that your child can get stuck in an overtired/undertired loop.You indicate that your child is awake for 1.5 hours between naps and taking 4-5 naps a day.

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