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Parsing dates from form submissions is worth the time and effort.That time and effort can be reduced though with reuseable code.See also the wikipedia IS0 8601 entry for further explanation and examples. Visit XMP Specification Part 1, Sec 8.4 for further documentation. According to the blog, Up to Date, a recent survey suggested that 80per cent of American singles say they 'must have' or find it 'very important' to be with someone of the same intelligence level.Inmates are also thought to be responsible for creating a fake dating profile for Fritzl which was published online recently.A profile with the name ‘Josef Fritzl’ and the age ‘80’ appeared on the German dating app Lovoo recently.

Example case: Digitization of a photographic slide of a map would normally give the date at which the map was created; however a photographic work of art including the same map as its content may give the date of the original photographic exposure.

Here's the code I currently have: This works, but it displays the date and then the full time, down to the millisecond, and the time zone.

Audubon Core: The date of the creation for the original resource from which the digital media was derived or created.

I later modified them to return date objects as well. Reversing the month and day number to avoid using the function as designed is brittle at best.

Fritzl, who is serving a life sentence for the imprisonment and multiple rape of his daughter over a 24 year period, reportedly had his teeth knocked out in the attack carried out recently by one of the inmates.

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