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The bottle option was brought up, but nobody wanted to be the guy that tries peeing in a bottle and leaving a bottle of pee on the ground, or worse, missing and peeing on somebody. when I repeat the question she usually just says "hold on, I'm peeing" and I take a few steps to the side.haha 6/27 Roger Waters' Us Them @ Staples 7/21-23 FYF Fest 8/8 NEIL FUCKING DIAMOND @ Valley View (San Diego) 9/13 Green Day @ Matress Firm Amphitheater U2 Joshua Tree Tour @ Qualcomm 10/6 Depeche Mode @ Matress Firm Amphitheater 10/12 The National @ SDSU Open Air Theater 10/18 Arcade Fire @ Viejas 11/20 Mogwai @ Observatory pretty much what Steve said, except they aren't made of paper for obvious reasons and are even dishwasher safe!The key is to be calm and loving at all times but I used the shower attachment with cool water instead of warm water to wash his hands and bottom after the poop smearing episode. I found this site when I finally became desperate and totally embarassed. I've spoken to our pediatrician and she has assured me that this is very common for children around this age.You do feel awful but it only took two times to associate the cold water with the hand in the poopy diaper and we haven't had problems since. I turned their sleepers inside out, we taped their diapers on, time outs, even grounding them from things (i.e. People think if your children do such things, you're not a good parent or there's something wrong with them. It is no way an indication of stress or anything psychological. The picture is beautiful and shows the diaper, but if Mom holds baby like this for too long without a diaper cover, Mom's shirt would get damp soon enough after baby wets so please use a diaper cover.

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My son, who's 25 months old, started pulling poop out of his diaper a couple weeks ago.

chat rooms just by clicking around for two seconds. I remember sitting in my dad’s office for an hour waiting for a Nelly song to download. There was no i Tunes and nobody had any idea music sharing was illegal then, either, so we just went all out, sometimes downloading a whole album in a day! Then it lost out during the late 90s during the first great American browser war, and IE hasn’t died ever since.

Kids today won’t ever experience that unless they’re clever enough to seek it out on their own and circumnavigate parental blocks. The best was when it showed you what internet speed the person you were downloading from had, so you could avoid the 56K modems and go straight for the DSL, baby! The Hamster Dance was among first Internet memes ever created.

Teeny Greeny offers hour-long, in-person consultations at either location, where you can handle a variety diaper brands and styles with your hot little hands while picking our brains with every question that's been plaguing you from the get-go. " is currently #1 on the hit list.) We'll find a time that's convenient for your busy schedule and help you.

We are most available on Mondays and Tuesdays, but if you need sometime during the weekend or right after work, we can make that happen too!

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