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"It's really important to agree on some basic principles. Even couples who agree on non-monogamy don't always agree on the contours of it."In some cases, one person in the partnership is curious to try being monogamish while their partner is more hesitant and may go along with it since they don't want to lose their S. In this situation, it's also essential to outline clear rules and perimeters, and to practice open communication so both people in the relationship feel that their needs are being met.Otherwise, bringing other people into your relationship can erode trust and even cross into cheating territory.

How can I reconcile the fact that I’ve fallen for someone who sees me as a tool to be discarded once the excitement wears off?I want to do other things, but she doesn’t want to do anything anymore other than missionary-position sex.Anal, oral, watching porn together, bondage, voyeurism—she’s not up for any of it.Here are some of the questions we didn't get to before they gave us the hook...If your partner's social media makes you uncomfortable—whether it's the overly friendly comments they get on their photos or vice versa (their overly friendly comments on other people's photos)—do you have the right to say something?

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