Dating a prehistoric find

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With each new discovery, we learn more about prehistoric humans and how they lived.And the 10 ladies on this list might just be the most intriguing of all.Some of these images have a special cultural and/or religious significance for the societies that created them.The most important, but mysterious, type of petroglyph is the cupule - a non-functional cup-shaped hole created by percussion in the horizontal or vertical surface of a rock.You can enjoy Skara Brae without really thinking about it very much.What it represents is the experience of something our long distant ancestors experienced: the chance to gain a real insight into the day to day lives of the real people we normally think of only as artists' impressions dressed in animal skins.489-583) seven-year voyage across the Atlantic in a leather boat to a new land and his return.

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Similar terms include: "rock carvings", "rock engravings", "rock inscriptions", "rock drawings" and "rock paintings".

The markings can be dyed or painted, or enhanced through polishing.

Petroglyphs have been discovered all over the populated world, notably in parts of Africa, Scandinavia, Siberia, southwestern North America, Northern and Western Australia, and the Iberian Peninsula.

Jarlshof is one of the most inspirational archaeological sites in Scotland.

That may seem an extravagant description in a country that has Maeshowe, the Ness of Brodgar and, Skara Brae.

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