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Of course, Ford wasn’t the only politician who behaved badly in 2013.

Chronic dysfunction is evident at all levels of government, from the petty infighting at city hall to the crippling gamesmanship at Queen’s Park and the expense scandals on Parliament Hill. Some of the city’s most formidable leaders are outside the traditional halls of power: global hip-hop stars, tech titans, gossip bloggers and guitar-strumming astronauts, among others.

Situated just North of Toronto, Woodbridge is a large-sized suburb of the city of Vaughn.

Originally named "Burrwick" after Rowland Burr, the community was renamed Woodbridge (after a wooden bridge) in 1855 because the name Burrwick was already being used by another settlement.

Hurricane Hazel, which was one of the worst hurricanes of the 20th century and killed as many as 1,000 people in Haiti before hitting North America, ruined a bridge over Highway 7 and damaged a large part of the community.

Some interesting trivia about Woodbridge; the community has been featured in documentaries about street racing, for instance, A&E (Inside Story: Street Racing: The Need For Speed).

Famous cosmetics company founder Elizabeth Arden was also a resident.

Woodbridge is also home to the Pierre Berton Resource Library (opened on Oct.

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What propelled Chief Blair to the top of our Influentials list was Rob Ford’s Crackgate—a story that consumed the city for much of the last year and whose bewildering narrative is still being written.Local law enforcement considers Woodbridge to be the main location for street racing in the GTA.Also, singer Sean Paul's 2003 hit single "Get Busy" was filmed in Woodbridge.Don Amero is a powerful vocal stylist, Juno nominee, and engaging storyteller.With silky vocals, a lovable stage presence, and a soulful/ country sound that’s been called a blend between Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban.

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