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Lisa Sonkin has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Triple A and Public Radio Promotion for Columbia Records, it was announced on Aug.7 by Lee Leipsner, Executive Vice President of Promotion for the label. She joined the Sony Music company in 2008 after four years at sister label Epic Records, where she was Vice President of Triple A Promotion.But reduction in noise by this means comes at the expense of a slightly more "muffled" sound due to the Pledge also filling in the "good" pits of actual high-frequency recorded sounds.Now, if someone could invent an intelligent product that only filled in the mold pits, then we'd have something!The covers are sorted by labels (USA) or by countries (Europe). Some of them should be found in our store, others hopefully will coming up for sale again in the future!

We have now opened our archives to show the images of the rare and beautiful albums we have offered over the years.She’s led our Triple A department to unprecedented heights, becoming part of the fabric of our overall success.” “I’m proud to work at a label so committed to honoring its rich heritage and cultivating new talent where I feel supported in my career and empowered as a working mother maintaining that all-important life/work balance,” added Sonkin, thanking Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer, Columbia EVP Joel Klaiman, and SVP of Promotion and Operations Jim Burruss, in addition to Leipsner.Sonkin got her start in the music business at Elektra Records, where she worked from 1993 to 2004, promoting such artists as Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant, Jason Mraz, and Phish, among others.According to him: “ An initial lacquer order was 6 sets plus a ref for QC and 4 Dolby copies (of course. J.), 1C&D to Terre Haute, (IN) 1E&F went to Santa Maria (CA).” In other words the claim that “A” is the “first cutting” “B” the second and “C” the third, is incorrect. This explains why one could find a record with “-1A” on one side and “-1B” on the other, since both were sent to the same Pittman pressing plant. In other, more common systems the -2 would be an RE-1.” A “change in program” could be a revised mix of one or more tracks or a different take entirely.According to this individual, “ Any change in program triggers a -2. For instance, the first edition of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited (CS-9189) had a different version of “From a Buick Six” than did later ones.

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