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Vladimir Bohinc Despite the fact that the Ruthenians are the fourth largest ethnic group in Slovakia, few people are familiar with their culture by, Andrea Chalupa Special to the Spectator The Slovak Spectator by, Julianna Chickov by, Julianna Chickov by, Maria Boysak Sample Images Radio Free Europe Prague, Czech Republic by, Matthew J.

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Peters Certified Genealogical Records Specialist Yugoslavia, the “land of the Southern Slavs,” was the fruit of an intellectual concept born in Europe in the 19th century.

Wimbledon); fell 1r five times; made Top 20 debut on May 11 (after Madrid; rose from No.21 to No.19) and set career-high No.15 on August 10 (after Stanford); also won one WTA doubles title.2014 - First Top 30 season (finishing No.29); won one WTA title at Baku (d.

Australian Open and US Open) and 2r eight times (incl.

Bosniaks, Croats, Kosovar Albanians and Serbs were all complicit in mass murder, ethnic cleansing, rape and other acts of wanton violence.

Today, an eerie calm presides over the Balkans — “the powder keg of Europe.” Lost in the confusion were Yugoslav minorities — Greek Catholics, Jews and Protestants.

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