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“The initial impulse was to help people learn from other human beings around them,” Renaud told MTLin Tech.“They could go for coffee or take a lunch with someone they don’t know to share their knowledge.” This will be the fourth year that E-180 will collaborate with C2. To help make sense of the event, you may choose to follow one or more of the intersecting tracks listed above.Or you can just follow your guts and let yourself be taken away by the excitement of it all. Seasoned brain dater seeking to take the experience to the next level? Get a head start by carefully planning your brain dating schedule with the help of our professional matchmakers!

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Scientists have a responsibility beyond the classroom and beyond exchanging technical knowledge between their academic circles.

Winners attract the attention of those who are able to fund and turn the ideas into practical solutions that benefit society.

While it is difficult to gauge tangible outcomes from such a conference, there is little denying that participating in cross-disciplinary meetings offers invaluable experiences.

It is an unusual science conference in that it brings in experts from diverse fields and provides a platform for participants to share their knowledge and exchange ideas, all with the hope of inspiring those who attend and creating new cooperation between unlikely parties.

This year heard from experts in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and cultural anthropology.

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