Doggie dating

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First off, I’m a dog nut, so pretty much any situation when dogs are involved, there’s a very low barrier to entry to get my attention.

Just say the word “dog,” and my ears perk up and I cock my head to the side.

Profiles of other animals up for adoption will be available.

If you've thought or said any of the above statements in your mind or to others, this meet up group is for you and your fur kids. I'll post for FREE in the Sponsor section because making a DIFFERENCE for others is important.

Pooches in my pocket to replace game fuckboi, hurray!

With Tindog, I wasn’t so much looking for a romantic connection as a dog-and-human connection. I’ve often wondered why I’ve never found love, much less a crush, at the dog run or dog bar despite so many hours logged. Maybe Tindog could be a way of weeding out the dog-lovers, repopulating the dating pool with only Fido-friendly fellas?

Singles wishing to date, socializing with doggie owners, only.

A joint adventure socializing, dating others who own doggies and maybe a cat or two.

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