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However, I do understand it's not quite a "validator", since it isn't part of the library.However, it would make mine (and I assume other developer's) life easier, since all the error messages would then be in one, uniform-formated response.In an ALTER TABLE statement, ENABLE NOVALIDATE resumes constraint checking on disabled constraints without first validating all data in the table. The constraint is not checked and is not necessarily true.

This allows existing rows to violate the constraint, while ensuring that all new or modified rows are valid." Why am i getting error then? Regards, Sajid Anwar London By default a non-deferrable UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint will attempt to create a unqiue index. You have a choice a) create the constraint deferrable. When you disable the constraint, you have a nice side effect that the INDEX stays in place. One is referential integrity, also known as foreign keys. While My SQL supports foreign keys, it doesn’t support CHECK constraints.Today we will look at three ways to emulate them: This is also relevant to another SQL feature: DOMAIN, which, in short, is a user-defined type composed of a base type (INT, CHAR, …), a default value, and a constraint on acceptable values – the latter being some simple sort of CHECK constraint.One way to validate data is to create a model schema; Loop Back will then ensure that data conforms to that schema definition. The following code defines a schema and assigns it to the product model.The schema defines two properties: name, a required string property and price, an optional number property. Rather than modifying the error responses returned by the server, you can localize the error message on the client.

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