Evan rachel wood dating mickey rourke

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Theatre In The Park's most successful alumna—21-year-old Evan Rachel Wood, a Hollywood critical darling renowned for her roles in The Wrestler, Thirteen and a dozen other films—has returned to play Juliet alongside her father, Ira David Wood III, and under the direction of her brother, 24-year-old Ira David Wood IV.

Vilardo's sorting the week's correspondence, pen in hand, when she pauses again.

What was the mood like on set for that last emotional scene in the film? I don't think he really likes too much rehearsal, so I mainly just talked about the scenes and the character with Darren first. I was gonna ask if there things about Aronofsky's style of directing that felt distinctive or new to you. Oh God, yeah, it was pretty cold when we shot there. Do you play all the instruments or do you play with other musicians?

We had a really laid back crew and they were all very respectful. That was definitely one of them, no real rehearsal or anything. But it does have a very kind of weird feeling to it, 'cause all the buildings with shells of everything are still there. Of course I wanted it to, but it just went beyond any of our expectations, I think. Yeah, just seeing what's out there now, and thinking, "Oh, I'm too young for this. Do you remember the Bright Eyes album or song that sparked your interest? Sometimes I'll need some help with the guitar, but I play piano a lot and a little bit of guitar.

Only slowly do we realise just how young and vulnerable Molly is.It would be unfair to say that Wood specialises in playing brats, vamps and renegades... You can see her in the new George Clooney movie The Ides of March as a political intern/femme fatale who very rapidly beds political spin doctor Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) who is running the campaign for would-be president Clooney.Her character, Molly Stearns, flirts outrageously with Gosling, coming on in the early scenes like a modern-day version of Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity.She hears the word "divorce," looks up, smiles nervously and interrupts sharply: "You know, I don't really know that we want to focus too much on that time period.Your scenes with Mickey Rourke in the film are quite intense.

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