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or at least a really great guy who has real potential.I know — time is tight and you've got to get busy if you're really going to find your Mr. Relax; I'll tell you where your perfect match might be waiting.But first: Be Open and Ready for Change These tips might make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or scared.You might think they're stupid, pointless, or "never going to work." But clearly what you've been doing hasn't been working (or you'd be in a happy relationship right now).The couple first dated back in 2007 for several months and rekindled their relationship in late 2012.Is the thought of ringing in the new year alone just too depressing?If you leave in London or Capetown you would know that his parties are legendry and he seems to have a certain weakness for East European females.So by our account were not going to be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

Alice wore a black parka with a bright red handbag, while Evans kept warm in a baseball cap and wool jacket.

First lady of the Ruffyders 'Eve' is apparently dating the son of Equatorial Guinean president Theodorin Obiang . To start with its not as serious as the American media would have us believe.

Its fact that over the Christmas holidays last year , he spent close to 0,000 to rent Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen's 303-foot yacht, Tatoosh for himself and Eve real name Jihan Jeffers, but trust us when we say this guy thinks of himself as to much of a playboy to get tied down by anyone.

As we all know eating good can change our mood and make us happy than what is best to arrange a romantic dinner for your lover.

It is better than hanging out in a crowd at night without giving each other proper time.

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