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More than 35 million Tinder profiles have been rated on the app.Whoever sends the first message to the attractive stranger needs to come up with something pretty creative to get a response.

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Our professional approach brings single hearts together and shines a new light of hope on every lonely soul that seeks a match.

“I would be outraged if I found out a guy I was seeing hadn’t even swiped right on me himself and had paid someone to talk to me on the app,” 24-year-old Jennifer told But Golden maintains that pretending to be her clients is fine: “It’s so surface level that I don’t worry about that at all,” she says. Dishonest or just another example of outsourcing for the ever-time-pressed individual?

“There is no information that should be given out on a dating app that goes past surface level interest. It remains to be seen whether the idea will spread.

“Most of my clients have these enormously successful careers and they’ve got families,” she said.

Golden doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong, simply getting matches, chatting and organising the first meeting.

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