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He then raped her, killed her and dumped her body in a nearby park.The murderer, who had recently moved into the house across the street from his victim, had twice before been convicted of sexually assaulting a child. Had they known he was a sex offender, they would have told their daughter to stay away from him.Sex still “sounds like fun in the abstract,” Sophia said, adding that she has “an amazing, wonderful partner of 10 years who is so into me sexually.” But the news cycle reminds her of “all the times I was grabbed, all the times I was harassed, all the times I was leered at or mocked or called a slut.” It’s hard to want to be touched after all that, she said.

Convicted rapists and child-molesters are given long prison sentences.

When released, they are put on sex-offender registries.

In most states this means that their names, photographs and addresses are published online, so that fearful parents can check whether a child-molester lives nearby.

The city attracts an eclectic array of beautiful bodies, and the nightlife is hard to beat.

All things considered, it's a great destination for hot days and even hotter nights.

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