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Harry and Ron were surprised, but grateful and the three quickly became friends.

In her second year, Hermione played a crucial role in the discovery of the Chamber of Secrets, before falling victim to the basilisk unleashed upon Hogwarts following the opening of the Chamber.

The people-mover reaches the end of the line, she steps off.

She breezes through Customs and we follow her with a STEDICAM as she strides through the airport...

(A little shuttle airline that flies from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas.

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While our last cannabis-related article told you how to buy marijuana stocks, it didn’t tell you marijuana stocks to buy.

For whatever reason, people always want to be told where to invest their money.

With a smile on her face, she collects passengers' boarding passes as they board the plane. Stylish, athletic wear (Reebok), heavy, black leather jackets (Hugo Boss), warm-colored berets and baseball caps to cover his balding head are Ordell's "look." At this moment Ordell's wearing an open silk shirt.

FADE TO BLACK TITLE CARD "ORDELL ROBBIE" FADE UP ON: EXT. The popular TEC-9 is advertised by its makers as being tough as the toughest customer. After a CLOSEUP of the TEC-9, Sidney FIRES the weapon. Ordell narrates the video playing on the big-screen V. He holds a cocktail in one hand (screwdriver, his drink of choice) and the remote control in the other, pacing the floor in his I-can-talk-anybody-into-anything voice.

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