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Or one of thousands of Librivox audiobook recordings made by volunteers, all in the public domain. Welcome to the largest source of free Text Emoticons and Text Smileys on the whole Web!7-Apr-2016, We just launched new gay porn chat (webcams/audio/text)!For membership (Free - ability to stream webcams/audio/etc) you can register at chat.These text emoticons and smileys sometimes are also known as ASCII Emoticons, but technically speaking, ASCII Smileys are just a part of this collection and are not included in the entire catalogue.Unicode Emoticons and Smileys is a better suited name for these archives, including most of the Japanese text art. Check Your Email - Up to 50 Mailboxes Get Stock Quotes - Reports when changes under/over limits. Give Jokes & Thoughts of the Day from other Cyber Buddies.

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