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One dates a nobleman and, learning of her rejection by him, considers poison. See full summary » Swedish-American farmer's daughter Katrin 'Katie' Holstrom leaves the farm to study nursing in the big, wicked city.

Thanks to a chiseling acquaintance, her tuition and expense money disappears the first day, and she's forced to get a job..a domestic for congressman Glenn Morley.

Impressed by her political awareness as well as her many charms and capabilities, Glenn is soon infatuated with Katie, and she with him, but their feelings remain unspoken...until Katie speaks up at a party rally and is abruptly thrust into politics herself. It entertainingly told us how important our votes are.

Although the state is never mentioned, it would appear that it takes place in Minnesota, where there is a large Scandanavian population. Paul and the Morley's mansion certainly looks like it was on Summit Avenue. It was not heavy handed, but showed us how important each and every voice is.

He became a film director and later moved to Hollywood. Koster was introduced to cinema about 1910 when his uncle opened a very early movie theater in Berlin.

Koster's mother played the piano to accompany the films, leaving the young boy to occupy himself by watching the films.

After working initially as a short story writer, Kosterlitz was subsequently hired by a Berlin movie company as scenarist, became assistant to director Curtis Bernhardt.

Two nuns from a French convent arrive in a small Connecticut town with a plan to build a children's hospital.Indeed, Koster and cinematographer Lee Garmes did their jobs so well in creating a solid, substantial Cinema Scope release, that D-Day The Sixth Of June proved impossible to appreciate in the decades of television showings that have followed, its image heavily cropped. The movie has its flaws, to be sure, including the 19 year age difference between Taylor and Wynter and the fact that Taylor, by the time of the D-Day invasion, with three years of soldiering behind his character, looks like the oldest captain in the United States Army.On the plus side, the script does capture the genuine ambivalence of the British to the presence of the Americans as they began arriving in 1942, and has the temerity to mention such unmitigated disasters as the raid on Dieppe (which nearly sank Churchill's government); and it delves into the darker side of the motivations behind some of the Americans serving in England, including the desire for personal aggrandizement and glory-hunting.How anyone can run for public office and represent certain values.Manchmal geht's um diese eine weise Person, die uns immer guten Rat gibt.

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