Hindus romances dating woman cory monteith dating taylor swift

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Share your heritage and family traditions with your date, too.

According to the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures, marriage is a sacred lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.

The Vedic wedding ceremony dates back to over five thousand years and is performed under a decorated canopy, the mandap.

The four pillars that surround the mandap represent the parents of the bride and groom.

To be ruled by one’s emotions and feelings, uncontrolled and undirected by logic, values and clear thinking, with no clear sense of goals and responsibility, is to ignore the only factors which can establish a firm foundation for a permanent and mature life-long relationship.

The theme repeated everywhere in novels and movies is that “I am in love and my love is beyond my control”; “I fell in love”; it was as though someone pushed me off a cliff and it was all accidental and unintentional.

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