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THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST: Tonight, a woman is coping with depression by - - get this, masturbating. She is going public on Twitter with a hash tag, #orgasmquest. Did the parents of two little children do anything wrong? Let us get started with the segment we call "WTF." The most shocking story of the night that is dominating social media. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: The teen, who wants to remain anonymous, says she grew up with her mother and was estranged from her father. So, I was quite familiar with people meeting before I met him, you know? And, I did not even understand that I would have feelings like this. And, I went to a conference one time for adoptees and reunited people.

We have more tonight yet again in the teen who lost -- get this -- her virginity to her father. The response on social media to the original story that we aired was overwhelming. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: Shocking story of the night. (END VIDEO CLIP) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SAMANTHA SCHACHER, HLN CO-HOST: He started contacting her on Facebook when she was 16. And, if he was not her father, these would be charges that this man would have to face. And, one of the girls in the -- was talking in one of the forums.

(END VIDEO CLIP) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SPEAKER: There is a reason I lost my virginity to him, because I never felt comfortable with any other man. I am a journalist and I know that goes completely against what we stand for, but if this journalist knows who he spoke to, he needs to report it to the police. PINSKY: Well, Anneelise, Vanessa raises a good point here, which is when somebody is in imminently in harm`s way, do not they have some obligation? GOETZ: Law enforcement may need to be involved, but it is going to be difficult to get that journalist to actually give up the name. She has been talking to the echo chamber of her father who, of course, is saying, "This is not weird. I think she is crowd sourcing for what to do next and that is to leave. I have talked to somebody today, who has worked in law enforcement and was saying he was talking to prostitutes who was being severely exploited, who are defending it because they got to buy their Prada purses because who are you to say, man. But -- and, I thought, well, that is really strange.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: She was in trouble and he took advantage of that with his own flesh and blood. PINSKY: Let us just kind of deal with it, everybody. VANESSA BARNETT, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: The problem here is that this man is a child predator. What I think is interesting here is she chose to remain anonymous, right? Her family -- aside from her father, her family does not know. But, then as I got to know my son, I found myself having these feelings for him. And, I did not know what to do with those feelings. And, she is going about it the wrong way because she got conflicting feelings because she is not his little girl, but she is his little girl.

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