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**This is a CHARACTER not a real person** I saw Lisa Lavie's Tagged video and when she spoke her secret Jargon language..sounded and looked almost like she was rappin so I immediately wondered what Hector would think of it. I actually do understand what shes saying, so the subtitles are not what shes really saying.

In December 2013, Crosson contributed to an Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") health care exchange's "Tell a friend – Get covered" social media campaign for raising awareness among young Americans to enroll in Obamacare-compliant health insurance, by releasing a video spoof of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot." In February 2014, You Tube content creators including Crosson met with U. President Obama at the White House to discuss ways in which government could connect with the content creators' viewers, concerning awareness of and enrollment in health insurance policies and other issues. So there's gonna be an extended version of this video because it was just to hilarious to not show :-D Let's work together to end Youtube domestic violence :-D I definately have a new best friend. And when her album drops you betta buy it or you gotta answer to me! Relationships take work, look love, that's just part of the deal Didn't think that things were over, I had my hopes up I thought that she would come around and we could both just patch it up But I was crushed, yeah my heart bled To see you sleep back turned as far as you could to your side of the bed Under the premise that things weren't finished Most people would blow a fuse, I took it in stride, said "Let's wash off the blemish" But you were checked out and it happened so quick Cold turkey on 4 years, that's one hell of a magic trick Noticed you barely kiss or touch me You hated when I told you that your lack of actions really made me feel ugly I asked her what I did wrong She said "Nothing at all" Stuck to her point of needing space then headed home to Montreal Came back weeks later things still up in the air Knew I was losing her and it felt so unfair Still spent Christmas together, hoped things would get better Talked it out cried at time, but still cuddled and laughed together I came back home, she stayed, I prayed God please bring her to me one day Then the moment came when we spoke on Skype You said it was over and you were moving on with your life That's when it hit like a ton of bricks all the pain and the sadness Is she really leaving? This is madness It seemed to happen so sudden it really messed me up Like a flipped coin I just wished that I had a heads up Feeling robbed, I sobbed till no more tears came out me She was my breath so when she left naturally it knocked the wind up out me I'd sit and hypothesize all the reasons why And couldn't shake an overwhelming need to apologize Wake up in a panic and reach for your side of the bed Hoping to talk, but realizing you are no longer there Ignoring Skype and my calls Shock to my system cause in 4 years you had never done that at all They say there's 7 stages of grief, but I swear that there's more Cause I'm stuck somewhere between 2, 3 and 4 It's distorted, but the connections still Both of us tweeting at the same time about nightmares I never thought we'd fall It's a strange feeling to envy another couple that looks like they both got it all Think the grass is greener?

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