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From colonial times, converting from one unit to another was part of courses in commercial arithmetic.The United States Constitution explicitly granted authority to establish uniform national weights and measures to the federal government.A NASA subcontractor, Lockheed Martin, was using Imperial units rather than the metric units mandated for the project, causing the orbiter to come into orbit too low and to burn up in the outer atmosphere due to air friction [2].The cost of switching to metric will be quickly outweighed by the economic benefits of global interoperability.The cost of not switching to the metric system is quickly increasing with the trend towards globalization.There are very strong economic and scientific reasons to switch the US to the metric system.A phased introduction of the metric system could begin by mandating that all new school textbooks, street signs, spedometers and supermarket products printed in the next 10 years use metric first or in a larger font followed by Imperial units in parentheses or in a smaller font underneath.Miscalculated drug dosages because of confusion when patients' weights are converted from pounds to kilograms are common and can result in patients' receiving potentially fatal overdoses.

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The process of switching to the metric system will likely result in the creation of many jobs, and by using the metric system daily, the US workforce will be more prepared to work in the international marketplace.That is because 10 is divisible by only 5 and 2, where as 12 is divisible by 2,3,4, and 6.The United States is the only country that has not switched to the metric system other than Burma and Liberia [1].And living in the United States, I almost never use it. The reason that I never use it is that for my day to day life outside of work it simply offers no advantages to me.When studying engineering in college I used the Metric System almost exclusively.

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