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Popular among teenagers and young adults, she has posed on the cover of numerous mainstream magazines, including WWD, People, Teen People, Teen Vogue, Teen, TV Guide, Seventeen, Elle Girl, Nylon, Vanity Fair, Latina, and Entertainment Weekly.

Nothing elaborate, just dinner with a woman he’d known for a while, though mainly in passing.

While at boarding school, Alexis' father, Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos), forces her to give the child up and later forges documents to make Alexis believe the child is dead.

Sam is adopted by Cody Mc Call (Stanley Kamel) and his wife, Evelyn Bass, who choose adoption based on fear of having another mentally handicapped baby like their first child Danny (then Henri Lubatti).

to a 16-year-old Alexis Davidovitch (Nancy Lee Grahn).Ever wanted to be DOMINATED by a intelligent bratty girl? ‘It seems Jesse has colossal gall to match his colossal ego,’ a source told Star Magazine via Radar Online.She arrived in town as a con artist trying to reverse her family's bad luck by destroying the five lucky cards of the "Dead Man's Hand." Upon her arrival she was characterized as a "sexy bad girl, with a nose for intrigue." Since her introduction, the character has matured into a self-assured and confident woman, while still retaining traces of her adventuresome, bad girl ways.Monaco had also auditioned for ABC Daytime's All My Children as well as CBS Daytime's As the World Turns, both of which were based in New York at the time, and Monaco's eagerness to stay on the West coast led to her ultimately signing with General Hospital, based in Los Angeles.

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