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So, for months I talked with her about it and told her that I used to work with a woman who might be into it. There are some rough spots where I have to make sure that my wife doesn't feel like I would rather be with Gail than her. I would have never thought this would be possible, but now that it's happening to me, I would almost believe anything!

Under AOL, Netscape's browser development continued until December 2007 when AOL announced that the company would stop supporting the Netscape browser as of early 2008.Well, I happened to know that Gail had engaged in a threesome one time with her husband and another woman.A long time ago, I found out that my fianc, Fran, wanted to try being with another woman. Now Fran, who is now my wife, loves getting together with Gail. We have threesomes all the time, and it is awesome!Netscape Communications wants you to forget all the highway metaphors you've ever heard about the Internet.Instead, think about an encyclopedia—one with unlimited, graphically rich pages, connections to E-mail and files, and access to Internet newsgroups and online shopping.

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