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Legend has it that the mysterious tunnel was part of the 19th century’s Underground Railroad…or was it?

Mysterious Tunnels Is there really a mysterious tunnel at Johnson & Johnson? Several decades ago, during the course of removing a building dating back to the 1890s at our New Brunswick campus, a sealed tunnel was discovered under the foundation.It was a mine tunnel, dating back to the 1700s when there were copper mines in New Brunswick -- a legacy that’s still reflected in the name of Mine Street, just a few blocks from Johnson & Johnson.Secrets of Our Museum Building mysterious tunnels here.Mysterious tunnels…links to the past…The Underground Railroad…secrets of our Museum building…a legend about hidden treasure…and some survivors from the founding days of Johnson & Johnson.Now that the days are shorter and the winds are colder, it’s time to gather ‘round the blog and talk about some of the more mysterious aspects of our history.

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