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Believe it or not, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation | Greater Horizons has been an online matchmaker for years. Well, we probably can’t help you find true love with a man or woman, but Kansas City’s Nonprofit Search can help you find the local charity of your dreams.

Unlike many dating services, our online database is free for anyone to use, and we won’t require you to answer hundreds of survey questions for recommendations.

Where expectations were calibrated and trust was built over time. is working to create with its global teams of employee volunteers.

Our dating site is for volunteers, we discretely verify our members volunteer service, we encourage our members to continue volunteering, we help promote nonprofit organizations and we give back 10% of our profits to our members' volunteer organizations.

What makes us most unique is that we are one of the only niche dating sites that verifies the niche.

So, why do the Zenners want you to delete your account?

Shelly explains below in this week’s 10 Good Questions.

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