Nudist men only

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Beaches with description of men zones Many maps of the region, shopping and restaurants, history of the plantation and the region, etc. Because they have the plantation, they have everything at hand. Like in the Adventure factory, or in one the 5 castles in the region Regularly threre are events and festivities. If you like to, Peter or Wim can give a comprehensive tour over the campground and it's facilities.

There is Wifi all over the campground and there is a PC to look up what ever you need to know. And they have a lot of experience, also on the plantation, to keep everyone happy going on. They can help with putting up the tent and other difficult start up things.

In this book you will find even more then on this internetsite.

All Adventures with adresses, telephonenumbers and brochures. At Holland Men Camp the unexperienced camper can get extra attention.

According to historians, the gender restriction stems from folk stories that claimed women were turned to stone if they neared the 17th century Okitsu-gū shrine, which is located on the isle's southwestern portion. Even if a male visitor is granted access to the sacred site, he must first strip naked and be 'purified' in a formal ceremony.

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In order to maintain this exciting, safe, and secure atmosphere, it is imperative that our club members share in these same club priorities at all times.

Please just let a Club Privata ambassador know that you are using the restroom. We have lockers available on the first and third floor.

You can put whatever you want in the lockers but they are not very big.

Women can be nude when walking around as long as shoes are worn.

If your spouse has to use the restroom we don't expect you to get dressed and leave if she is coming back and you will be continuing your play. If you are bringing more than one partner in then you will need to pay for the third person as a single (we understand that you are technically not single).

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