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I got involved with a man who I didn’t love but he told me he loved me and I became “obsessed” with him.

After 8 months of disaster, and 2 months to heal myself, I met a guy who I fell head over Heels for.

I almost became a doormat even if he told me that he was not in love with me I kept on hoping that he would change.

So, after a lot of pain, it only lasted 6 months, I decided to let him go. Then, right away, I met a very nice gentleman and he seems to have some incredible potential but I cannot trust, I am showing again signs of obsession.

Before I elaborate on the cause of my concerns, I should mention that I write this not as a concerned parent, but rather as a male in his late teens describable as anxious and intense.

You crave validation, and finding people who want to date you provides that for you.

In my response, I shared and validated the mother's concerns.

You are absolutely right that becoming obsessed with girlfriends and becoming possessive and jealous are problems.

I describe it as being almost addiction-like, with very real withdrawal symptoms.

Can you tell me what causes such behavior especially at a younger age? Is it a result of any specific disorder or is it just something that happens? An Anonymous Teenage Boy Dear Teen, I am very impressed that you are so self-observant and concerned that you may be doing something that is harmful to both yourself and the females in your life.

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