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Where can I find samples of DMCA take-down notices to send to their ISP?

I am a married male who is in love with a lesbian co-worker. I just know that she's biding her time with the chicks, waiting for the right man. Where can I buy the heroin and how much should I give her?

She only weighs about 3 pounds since I stopped feeding her a while back. This is not a health issue, as I am pretty happy with my weight, feel really good, and have no desire to lose any. My girth sort of spills over onto the seat next to me, and sometimes whoever is sitting next to me gets a little snippy at having part of their seat taken up by me.

Edit: if you become a cuneiformist, maybe you can discover the new earliest known named person!

I'm reminded of the exciting time that Amir Aczel had in locating the first-known written numeral zero in history. has published a whole book on this if you want to hear a longer and more dramatic version of the story.)The title of Aczel's book is Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers.

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    As use of data-gathering devices increases, it’s a world that’s just round the corner. “There’s a bit of a mismatch between a data led view of the world – which is very dry and mechanical – and how we view ourselves,” says Chris Elsden, who headed up the project.

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    CAH is a genetic disorder characterized by a deficiency in the hormones cortisol and aldosterone and an over-production of the hormone androgen, which is present at birth and affects sexual development.

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