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In the western tradition of camp, this move is often associated with queer appropriations of popular culture, the most obvious being the overdramatic drag queen, who calls attention to the role playing associated with the female gender by overemphasizing it to a degree that, in the right hands, can be sublimely ridiculous.

Similarly, the more recent Japanese tradition of fan parody is associated with by creating their own counternarratives that involve well-known characters in fantastic, often absurd, situations and unexpected homoerotic pairings, creating a subtext that complicates and questions the inclusiveness of the master narrative.

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Shuurei Kou and Eigetsu To, co-governors of the Sa Province, are determined to revitalize the region by making it a research capital.

Eigetsu and Shuurei are undaunted in their goals, but with the prejudices of the times and Eigetsu’s past coming back to haunt him, can the young governors overcome the odds?

The second chapter begins as Chizuru continues the search for her father while the Shinsengumi combat the dangerous beings lurking in Kyoto’s shadows.

This must have taken a whilethat is a long template. She goes to Charise Girl's Academy in England (a rival to Lobelia) , but came to Ouran for an investigation for the school paper, as she is a journalist.

I think this can be basically used for any sort of character (just change who's opinions and the school) so if I do, I'll still link back. Age: 18She has square spectacles,short black (or dark dark dark brown) wiry haira striped shirt and a black vesta black skinny jeans and converse.

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