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First, you need to tape up the egg, and then spin it in a pair of tights.

Then, by boiling the egg, the yolk should appear on the outside The reason the egg appears inside out is that the yolk is denser, so the centrifugal force moves it to the outside of the albumen when the egg is spun.

We're not yolking: A Japanese chef has revealed how to turn an egg inside out (image of final egg shown).

In a bizarre video he shows how spinning it can reverse the colour.

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Newmar is most remembered for portraying Batman's hottie nemesis in the 1966 Batman series.I don't know what it is about them that really turns me on, probs the feel and look i guess haha.Anyway, do any other guys have a fetish for tights?She may have only appeared in 13 episodes, but we're thinking prancing around in that black leathery cat-suit didn't hurt her fan-base.Since her superhero days, she's been working the cameo circuit, appearing on The Beverly Hillbilies, Bewitched, The Twilight Zone, and several other films and television shows.

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