Restore a ipod touch without updating

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I’ll update the article as soon as an i Phone edition hits the i Bookstore – which will be probably on Friday, shortly after both new i Phones land on store shelves.When you experience problems with an i OS device, you may need to restore it in i Tunes, but sometimes, things can go wrong that make it harder to restore your device in a regular fashion as you’d expect.Is there a way to restore without updating, and if there isn't a way, will cydia work with 4.0.2?Ok so i want to restore my i Pod Touch but i dont want to upgrade it at the same time, when i press restore the only option that comes up is "restore AND update" there is no option to JUST restore.Need to restore i Phone but do not want to update to a newer version of i OS like i OS 11 or i OS 10?

Here we take a look at some basic steps on how to reset or restore it to help getting it working again.If there is any way to do this it would help A LOT. You need to locate your current firmware's ipsw file.Once you find it, hold shift (or option for mac) and click restore. With each new i OS release, Apple typically makes available the accompanying user guide through the Manuals section of its website.With the advent of i Books and the i Bookstore, the company started reformatting these manuals for the i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad devices, making them available as free downloads on the i Bookstore.

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