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This booklist is taken from the author's database covering his own collection.It is by no means an exhaustive list of books on the subject! The known history of every ancient coin type is extensive, but many types pose questions that remain unanswered. It is one of the great pleasures of ancient numismatics. Here I will help you learn how to advance from "beginner" to an "intermediate," or even "advanced," collector, but don't expect it to happen overnight! Professional scholars and amateurs are researching many fascinating issues that remain unresolved.For example, no mention is made in the listing of the multitude of BMC volumes.

Part I "An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins" begins with maps and helpful black line drawings of the Greek minting process. It is a worthy prelude to purchasing the much more expensive Sear reference work.

Often a title of several words will be trimmed to just a few letters.

In the table below I have listed the most commonly encountered titles and briefly explained their meaning.

You can find more in-depth numismatics bibliographies online at these sites: Edward J. Numismatic Bibliomania Society website GENERAL: Introductory Books on Ancient Coins of the Mediterranean 1. Many plates allow for placing an unknown piece to an era or area fairly quickly, and the outlines by Zander H.

Klawans and edited by Ken Bressett (Whitman Coin Products, New York, N.

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